Welcome to the home about the sailing adventures of the Perry Family. The lake is flooded keeping us from launching the boat but we have our 3 Sunfish to sail around. Thanks for dropping by!

Perfect Day of Sailing

What a great day sailing! We headed out around 8am as rain and storms approached the lake. It rained off and on for a couple hours but we setup the boats anyway knowing it would stop. I fixed the broken end cap and tried to add a cleat the mast but I messed that up. Something to fix later.

Mark and I headed out for our first sail. We didn't set any speed records. Wind was light and variable so it was a good start to the day.

First Sail
We headed out for our second sail which turned into an exciting journey across the lake. Wind and waves continued to build but the boats handled well and were dialed in just about perfect. We explored the far cove zig zagging our way around. Our average speeds were up and we hit 10.5 knots on the way back!

Second Sail
We ended the day with a third sail. Fairly quick pace. The downwind leg at the end was gnarly as we sailed down waves plowing the bow into and under the water. The constant threat of an unintended jibe kept us on our toes. A good end to the day!

All in all the boats handled well and we managed to keep from capsizing! We didn't stay dry... the waves were crazy today.

The lake levels were down from last week. A little more parking lot and beach were showing.


The Sunfish Fleet

The lake is still flooded but the water is slowly receding. The beach at Sailboat Cove is returning. We're parked under the trees but at least it's there now.

It was a fun day sailing. Marla is enjoying her boat. While out just as it was getting interesting my the end cap on the boom broke causing my sail to flap around. I immediately started back to the cove hoping to avoid tearing some of the grommets out of the sail. Even crippled I managed 6 knots headed back.

Interested to discover that the old end cap was made from wood!

It was a fun day of sailing.

The flooding has taken a toll on the trees. The old giant fell over. Many of the newly planted trees are not fairing well either.

First Sail 2019

The lake levels are going down and we took the opportunity to sail for the first time this year.

Marla got her Sunfish out and it was great having a boat for each of us now to go exploring. Marla's brother had his two Sunfish out sailing as well. Not a bad day at all... except I'm tired and sore this morning!

The lake is still flooded and we launched near a campsite which recently had been flooded. The 'shoreline' was probably 30-50 yards closer than normal. It was a stinky and sloppy mess. Can't wait for the lake levels to recede more so we can have Sailboat Cove back to normal with the nice beach.

Our S2 is still out of the water. I don't expect to launch it until late June when the lake levels are down more.


Here we go again...

The rains came and didn't let up for 2 weeks. The lake shot up to a record 9 feet above the normal pool level. We were not able to get our boat in the water and it was probably good. The lake is so high the jetty protecting the cove and docks were underwater. Thankfully the wind is staying southerly which keeps the wave from bouncing the docks around. The clubhouse basement is full of water. It will be a huge clean up around the grounds when the water goes away.

We watched from the house the water rising hoping our boats were fine. Ultimately the water rose about 18 inches to the trailer so the boats were not floating. The first photos emailed me caused a little concern as I saw my storage box had floated away and the ends of the Sunfish sails had been in the water.

The levels finally started going down and yesterday we finally made it out to the lake to assess the impact. The road is still closed because of flooding in one small section so we walked in. Thankfully the sails were not muddy, just wet in sections so we laid them out to dry. Got lucky. I thought we would have to remove the sails and bring them home. They are on the deck of the big boat now incase more rain returns and the lake goes back up.

No sailing for a couple of weeks. The big boat probably won't make it into the water until late June.


We have a fleet!

Marla bought herself a Sunfish tonight. We now have a boat for each of us. Looking forward to exploring Cheney Lake from our Sunfish this summer!


Exploring Kanopolis Lake

We had a fun Saturday exploring a new part of Kansas: Kanopolis Lake. Started out at Mushroom Rock State Park and continued exploring the lake checking out the various campsite options and hiking a few trails.
Kanopolis has 30+ miles of hiking, biking, and horseback riding trails and we only experienced a fraction this amazing place. We are looking forward to returning later this year for an extended camping and hiking adventure.


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