Welcome to the home about the sailing adventures of the Perry Family. We're in the water! March! Thanks for dropping by!

Late October Sail

The lake is still flooded. Marla paddled me out to the boat and she took the row boat back to shore so others could use it if needed. I picked her up at the courtesy dock and we headed out for really nice afternoon sail!

Not quite sure how this managed to get by the boat.
Moved it to the other slip but I couldn't lift it out of the water. It was about 6' tall!


Flood October 2018

Rain came and filled up the lake! Wading in 4+ feet of 60 degree water to the dock is not my idea of fun. I did manage to find a canoe and paddled to check on the boat. Water is being released at the dam  but it might be a couple of weeks before the levels lower to a manageable level.


Pelicans! Up Close and Personal!

Warning! This post has a 'few' pelican photos... and one video!

We headed out to the lake for some sailing but there wasn't much wind. While walking along the jetty we saw in the distance pelicans resting on the west shore. We hopped in the car and drove north as far as we could and walked the rest of the way to the pelicans. We spent about an hour slowly approaching and enjoying these great birds. 

No sailing but still a great morning at the lake!


Chasing Pelicans!

Fall is almost here and the Pelicans have returned to Cheney Reservoir! Spent almost six hours today sailing around the lake. We explored the southern part, the central part, and headed all the way north today! We don't get up that far very often.

Fall is our favorite time of the year for sailing. It's going to be great this season!

I have a new app for my Apple Watch called WorkOutdoors. I really like the way it tracks our sails and heart rate as well. Marla questions if I was really excreting as well. I ended up with 368 minutes and burned 2000 calories. Yea, I don't think I did that good today. Maybe if I was on the Sunfish I would say "yea, I earned all those calories!"

Also not sure that we got up to 7.2 knots of speed. We did experiment with different sail trims and the boat seemed to sail a lot better so maybe during some wind gusts we did hit those speeds briefly.

Awesome day out on the lake!


Day Off! Marla, Daddy Daughter & Full Moon Sails

I took Friday off from work and went sailing! First was work. The boat was grimy and dirty with mildew and gunk. Two hours later s/v Coming About was clean. The boat does need a good polish and wax but that will have to wait until Spring 2019.

Marla made it out to the lake after her morning shift and we went for a sail. It was blowing in the 20s so we just went out on a reefed main.

Not bad on a reefed main sail. Apple Watch app Motion-X GPS. Distance at this moment is actual in nautical miles. Not feet. A bug that they still haven't fixed.
Marla had to go back to work for the afternoon so I did some more work around the boat. Our jib sail needed tell-tails. Installed 3 sets.

Marla was going to come back out to the lake in the evening with Evelyn. I decided to head back in to town and picked up Evelyn after school instead so we could go sailing together while Marla was at work. We headed back out to the lake and put the Sunfish in the water. She's learning to rig her new boat. The mast cleat is a new procedure for both of us. I still helped, but she's getting better at rigging the boat on her own.

Sometimes you just gotta stand while sailing. And why not?

Marla made it back and brought dinner to us as well. Her brother was at the lake and after dinner we went on an evening sail to watch the sun set and the full moon rise. It was an amazing evening of perfect weather and sailing with family.

Serious attention to the task at hand. Evelyn does a good job backing the boat and leaving the dock.

 What an amazing day off from work! Labor day is next weekend. Fireworks!


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