Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's February! Rudder Fix Part 1

Back in 2014 we did a major repair to the stern tube. At that time I knew our rudder stuffing box would need some work in the future. I should have just fixed it then but we wanted to get in the water so I put it off. Well now is the time we need to fix this issue. All 4 of the bolt heads are gone so I'm a little concerned. The way everything goes together it probably wouldn't be an issue but for peace of mind we decided to fix it this year.

Here are some photos of the project. Stay tuned!

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Evelyn Sunfish Week 4

What a great afternoon of sailing!

Evelyn sailed to the outer cove today on her own. She wanted me to go out on another boat but I convinced her to go alone and I would stand at the end of the shore watching her sail. Her uncle and cousin were out sailing around as well. Evelyn is really doing well learning to sail the Sunfish. Her work with the transitions of the tiller and mainsheet during tacks and jibes is really good!

The water is cooling off but the sun was out which helped keep us warm. Never thought I'd be out sailing on the Sunfish in October. I managed to stay dry. Evelyn attempted to cool off a little while sailing.

This is probably the last time for Sunfish sailing this year but if next weekend is nice who knows?

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Tacks and Jibes

Evelyn showing off her mainsheet / tiller transitions during tacks and jibes. The wind was light today so everything happened at a slower pace. Her technique is improving!

And just for fun Evelyn sailing with me at sunset three years ago...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Evelyn on the Sunfish

The wind was blowing 20 gusting up to 30+ mph all day. I wasn’t sure if even the Sunfish would make it out but sailing around the protected cove worked out really well for Evelyn to practice. While it was blowing like crazy out on the lake the trees helped knock some of the wind down in the sailboat cove. It was windy enough that she had to hike out to keep from capsizing the boat. Evelyn spent all day practicing her jibes, tacks, and capsize drills.

Evelyn calls this video her Koala Maneuver. I guess because she hugs the dagger board like a Koala Bear hugs a tree…

Evelyn practicing her skills at cooling off while sailing. Might lose something if she isn’t careful…

Retrieving lost hat...
And just for fun… Eve sailing our Sunfish 4 years ago when she was only 8!

The boat was too big for Evelyn to sail on her own so she started learning on the Optimist. After this weekend’s accomplishments she is ready to move up to the Sunfish. What a great day of sailing!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Pelicans Are Back!

Pumpkin this. Spiced that. People claim that when the pumpkin spiced stuff appears Fall has begun. Sorry folks, Fall starts when the pelicans return to Cheney Reservoir. Guess what? They're Heeeere!! It's time for the best sailing of the year! Fall Sailing!
Evelyn asked to back us out. She sat down and said "I forgot how to do this"! I gave her some instruction and she did a great job! Evelyn took the helm and backed us out of the dock to start our sailing adventure.
Had a great evening of sailing! We didn't expect to see pelicans this early in the season so that was an awesome bonus!
It did get a little 'exciting' with the high wind and large waves after the sun set so we motored back 3 miles directly into the wind and waves at a blazing speed of 4 miles per hour!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Reefed Main Sail (Finally!)

With Evelyn hanging out with her sisters and grandparents Marla and I took advantage of the great weather to go for a sail. When we arrived the wind was quite gusty and it was a perfect day to try out reefing our main for the first time.

Wait? The first time in 5 seasons? Unfortunately yes. The boat was rigged to use a reefing line that could be controlled from the cockpit. The only issue was I was missing 1) the line and 2) a block on the boom. My narrow-mindedness wouldn't let me see past those two small issues so I never bothered. This season I was cleaning out some storage lockers on the boat and found our old main sheet and thought "Why don't i just tie main to the boom like the old timers did?". Okay, people still do this.

While Marla was in the back cabin cleaning up my mess I cut the mainsheet down to 3 foot sections and proceeded to tie off the mainsheet at the reefing points. Luckily I guessed the correct length to use and was quite proud at my handiwork. Okay, it wasn't that spectacular of an accomplishment. Before we headed out I had a quick Jr. Sailing function to attend and Marla took nap while she waited for me to return.

Hobie Fleet 27 took the Jr Sailors for rides all day!

The wind started settling down so we headed out to test the new reefed main. Yes... I should had done this years ago! The boat sailed great in the gusty wind and we managed an average of 3.5 knots with a max speed of 5.7! Not bad for this old boat.

After about three hours of sailing the sun was setting and it was time to head back. It was great taking the boat out in higher wind but not worried about all the 'excitement' that goes along with it.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Family Campout...

Marla, Evelyn, and I headed out Friday afternoon to spend the weekend at the lake with family. It was  going to be a great evening and weekend. After we arrived we took the time to relax before everyone else showed up later that evening.

After the sun when down we decided to take a late cruise to watch the Perseid Meteor Shower. Because we has so many family at the lake we took two separate trips.

We had perfect weather for sailing and everyone had a great time. It was late and time to get some sleep. The next morning would bring promise of great weather and sailing!

It had been 4 years since Evelyn had her short time solo sailing the Sunfish and she picked it up. Her cousin Kellen was out and they were using the skills learned in Jr. Sailing Camp several weeks earlier.

Ready for the first sail of the season

Mark giving rides on his Sol-Cat all day long
It was a great weekend of sailing and spending time with family.

Friday, July 22, 2016

7+ Miles

7+ miles. That was the round trip distance the Junior Sailors sailed today on Day 5! Many probably sailed further as they sailed up to the lead coach boat and back towards the middle of the other sailboats during the crossing. Plus all the 'zig zagging' required to get back to the beach at Sailboat Cove.

The fleet sailed across the lake and ate lunch. On the way back Evelyn's boat was swamped by a few high waves. She got the Opti bailed out with help from one of the coaches and made it back without any further issues.

What a great accomplishment for all the sailors this week!

Evelyn heading out of Sailboat Cove.
Heading to the dam!

The Jr Sailing Fleet during lunch!

Heading back to Sailboat Cove. Evelyn is sail #17457.

Evelyn finally made it back after her Opti got swamped.

Well deserved swim time after returning from the big voyage across the lake!

Approximate course of the crossing. I forgot o turn on my GPS tracker.